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Fazenda Cachoeira da Grama  has been in the Carvalho Dias family since 1890.

Gabriel de Carvalho Dias, the owner, is responsible for the property's management. It is located in BRAZIL, in São Paulo state, 3 miles from Minas Gerais state line and has characteristics from the mountainous areas of Mogiana and from Sul de Minas. On this farm everything is done manually, which includes coffee plantation handling and harvest, since its topography does not allow any kind of mechanization.

Social and environmental sustainability is considered very important in the farm management. Gabriel de Carvalho Dias follows a program of planting native species to keep a better ecological balance. The farm has a school, a club and an official size soccer field for the employees' benefit. There are 48 houses for the employees and their families, all with modern facilities. The wastewater is treated to avoid polluting the stream that runs across the farm.

Better farming methods

The altitude of the coffee plantations is between 1,100 and 1,220 meters and the precipitation is between 1,600 and 2,000mm per year with an average temperature of 19ºC. Ideal conditions for coffee. The farm still produces Yellow Bourbon coffees, famous for their exceptional quality.

Coffee is harvested manually on cloth, preventing beans from getting in touch with the earth. The coffee processing is done as fast as possible to avoid any chance of bad fermentation. The harvested coffee is immediately transferred from production fields to processing, with the separation of the cherry and green beans from the dry beans, which are sent to the patio to dry. The cherries and green beans area processed by the coffee pulper, where the cherry beans are pulped and separated from the green coffee.

The Pulped Natural or Natural coffee are dried under the sun in patios until the beans reach 20 percent humidity. At this stage, the coffee is transferred to the dryers to reduce humidity to 11 percent. Subsequently, the coffee lots are stored in a warehouse, in wood silos, with low humidity level and free from odors that can affect the coffee. 

The quality of the coffee produced by Fazenda Cachoeira da Grama is a result of dedication and care during all coffee production stages, from the selections of the nursery trees and plantation to harvesting and processing. After harvest the beans receive the maximum attention possible so as not to lose any of the body and cup qualities that the region is known for.

Fully certified

The farm is certified for complying with BSCA and UTZ protocols, and audited yearly. It has been awarded many Cup of Excellence awards, and has been a finalist in most years of the competition, what shows that we have a sustainable quality.

Coffee plantation


It was in 1890 when a young widowed lady, with 4 children, came across an opportunity that would forever change the fate of her family. After scouting the region of Northeastern Sao Paulo in Brazil with the help of an uncle, she discovered how prominent the area was for coffee growth.

She figured an investment was worth a shot, and purchased big chunks of land for what would have been pennies back then. These lands are now one of the most valuable in all of Brazil, and these lands are known for growing the best coffees in the world.

This lady was named Ines, and she was my great-grandmother. My grandfather and his brothers kept the tradition alive over the 20th century, and many of our relatives are still in the business. 125 years later our family has learned a lot about growing and processing coffee, but most importantly, we have learned how to select the best coffee beans, and process them on a way to preserve the best flavours.

Gabriel Carvalho

Property Characteristics:

  • Name: Fazenda Cachoeira da Grama
  • Owner: Gabriel de Carvalho Dias
  • City: São Sebastião da Grama
  • State: São Paulo
  • Region: Mogiana
  • Altitude: 1000-1220m

Cupping Notes:

  • Fine Citric acidity
  • Full bodied
  • Chocolate, nuts, berries
  • Clean aftertaste
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