After scouting the region of Northeastern São Paulo with the help of an uncle, my great-grandmother, Inês, discovered how prominent the area was for coffee growth. She purchased big chunks of land for what would have been pennies at the time. Her sons, including my grandfather, have kept the tradition alive over the twentieth century, and many of our relatives are still in the industry. 130 years later, our family has learned a lot about growing and processing coffee, but most importantly, we have learned how to select the best coffee beans, and to process them in a way to preserve its finest flavours.


Social and environmental sustainability are held very highly within our values: 

– We have developed a program to plant native species of plants in our farm in order to maintain a better ecological balance.

– The wastewater from employee housing and production is treated to avoid polluting the stream that runs across our land. 

– We donated land for a government funded school which provides education for over 150 children from surrounding areas.


Our farm is located 3 miles from the Minas Gerais state line, which gives our coffee characteristics of the mountainous areas of Mogiana and Sul de Minas.

The altitude is between 1000 and 1220 meters and the precipitation is between 1,800 and 2,000mm per year, with an average temperature of 19ºC, which are ideal conditions for coffee production.

The farm produces bourbon coffee, famous for their exceptional quality.

Click HERE for a virtual tour of our farm via Google Maps.