We strive to always be improving our process.

Over multiple generations, we have implemented research and development regarding coffee variety, picking, processing, and drying at our farm, with 100% focus on quality. Producing better coffee beans requires perfection in every step of the way.

Everything is done manually in our farm, including coffee plantation, handling, and harvest, without the use of mechanization. The coffee processing is done quickly to avoid any kind of fermentation.

Step 1. The coffee is manually picked over a cloth to prevent the bean from having direct contact with the land, in order to avoid any kind of contamination.

Step 2. The harvested coffee is transferred directly from production fields to the wet mill, where the green and mature beans are separated from the ones that have dried on the trees – the beans that naturally dry on the tree are labeled “Natural” within the industry.

Step 3. Following, the dry beans go to the patio to be dried further and the mature beans are pulped and separated from the green beans – the pulped beans are the ones labeled “Pulped Natural” in the industry.

Step 4. The pulped coffee is dried on suspended beds and covered patios until the bean reaches 20% of moisture.

Step 5. The next step is to use the mechanical driers to reduce the moisture to 11%.

Step 6. Subsequently, the coffee lots are stored in a warehouse, in wood silos, with controlled humidity levels and free from odours that could damage the coffee. 

After harvesting, the beans receive maximum attention so as to not lose any of its characteristics and quality which the region is known for.​

Our farm is certified for complying with both Rainforest Alliance and Brazil Specialty Coffee Association protocols. 

They both ensure that we are socially and environmentally responsible.

BSCA also certifies that our beans meet strict quality standards.

Our farm has been awarded many Cup of Excellence awards, and has been among the finalists most years, demonstrating our dedication to sustainable quality.