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Our Process

At BrazCof, every bean we deliver to you has journeyed through a meticulous process from tree to bag. Our attention to detail and dedication to quality set our beans apart. Here's a step-by-step walkthrough of our process.

Coffee beans and leaves on top of tarp after harvesting


Hand Picking

Unlike mechanized harvesting, our coffee cherries are handpicked, ensuring everything gets picked from the branches. This craft method is labor-intensive but crucial for maintaining the high quality we're committed to.


Air Cleaning

Post-harvest, our skilled workers throw the picked cherries into the air. This traditional and effective method helps separate the leaves and twigs from the cherries, ensuring a clean batch of coffee cherries.

Man tossing coffee in the air to separate leaves from beans
Coffee beans going through washing after harvested


Density Grading

In the wet mill the green and mature beans are separated from the ones that have dried on the trees. The green and mature beans sink, while the beans that dried on the tree float and are labeled “Natural”.



The mature beans (not the dry ones) are pulped and separated from the green beans by mechanical pressure – the pulped beans are "squeezed" through a screen and labeled “Pulped Natural” or "Honey Processed".

Coffee pulping machine that removes the skins of the coffee beans
Lady raking coffee at Fazenda Cachoeira da Grama



Post-pulping, the beans are spread out on drying patios or suspended beds until they dry to 20% moisture. They are raked regularly to ensure an even drying profile and to avoid fermentation.



Once the beans reach the desired moisture content, they are milled. This process removes the final layer (parchment) around the bean, getting it (nearly) ready to go into the roaster!

Coffee milling machine inside the drum
Green coffee beans being graded in a metal machine



The beans are sorted by size, density, and ripeness (colour) with high-tech machines that process thousands of beans per minute, individually. That's right! Every single bean is selected based on its features.



Our expert tasters then roast, brew, and sample each batch of beans. They assess the aroma, flavour, body, and acidity, ensuring the beans meet our stringent quality standards. We only ship coffee scored above 82.

Coffee being prepared for cupping and tasting
30Kg Innovation coffee bags with plastic on the inside to preserve coffee for longer



Finally, the approved coffee beans are packaged into our four-layered 30kg bags and made ready to ship. These bags were designed by Gabriel's team in Brazil and they allow your coffee to last for up to 2 years.



We import our beans via BrazCof, and deliver them straight to our roasters' doorsteps or make them available for pickup in Mississauga. This direct supply chain ensures you get the freshest beans with the least hassle

Pallets made of wood, piled on top of eachother

Through this detailed, handcrafted process, we maintain the unique flavors of our beans. BrazCof delivers you not just coffee but a taste of the Grass Valley region's finest coffee beans. We invite you to experience the distinct journey each bean undertakes, from our farm to your roastery!

Coffee cups on top of a wooden table, full of coffee with froth on top

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