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The Allure of Peaberry Coffee: A Roaster's Perspective

In the vast world of coffee, certain types stand out, and Peaberry coffee is undoubtedly one of them. Revered by coffee connoisseurs and roasters alike for its distinctive characteristics, Peaberry coffee is a fascinating anomaly in the coffee sphere. It brings to the table not only an intriguing backstory but also a flavour profile that is as unique as its formation. Let's dive into the world of Peaberry coffee and understand why it is a coveted treasure in the roasting community.

Peaberry coffee beans fully roasted

A Natural Rarity

Most coffee cherries house two beans. However, in about 8% of the coffee in our region, a natural fact occurs on the last flowers of the season, causing a single bean in the fruit to develop instead so it takes the whole fruit - the Peaberry. They are not as big as two beans, as they are the last flowers, so the fruit does not grow as much. This rarity alone makes Peaberry coffee intriguing to roasters. It's an exceptional find, and its scarcity only adds to its allure.

Distinct Flavour Profile

Apart from its rarity, what sets Peaberry coffee apart is its flavour profile. The theory is that since there's only one bean inside the cherry instead of two, all the nutrients and flavours are absorbed by a single bean, making it more flavourful and intense. Also as they are the last flowers of the season, they occur more on the tips of the branches, so they do get more sunshine. Many roasters and coffee aficionados believe that Peaberry beans yield a brighter acidity, complex flavours, and a fuller body, offering a unique experience in every cup.

Peaberry beans on a tabletop - still green

Roasting Peaberry Coffee

Roasting our Peaberry coffee is not difficult ! This is due to their distinct round and compact shape that sets them apart from regular flat-sided coffee beans. This unique shape allows Peaberries to roll around more freely in the roaster, promoting a more uniform heat distribution, with low risk of scorching or tipping (overroasted spots). A consistently even roast helps in better flavour extraction and reveals the vibrant and intense flavours that Peaberries are known for.

Another factor to consider while roasting Peaberries is their density. Due to their compactness, they can often require a higher heat application at the start of the roast, followed by a careful reduction.

Hand pulling out beans from a roaster to sample the colour

Peaberry: A Coffee Connoisseur's Delight

The combination of Peaberry coffee's rarity, intense flavours, and unique roasting experience makes it a true gem in the coffee world. It offers roasters an opportunity to provide something special and unique to their customers. It is interesting as it is one characteristic that the customer can recognize physically. However, finding genuine, high-quality Peaberry coffee can be a challenge due to its rarity and the meticulous sorting process required to isolate these unique beans.

Peaberry coffee encapsulates what we love about coffee: it's a journey of discovery, a taste of the unexpected, and a reward for those dedicated to exploring the breadth and depth of flavours coffee has to offer. It's the embodiment of the craft that goes into cultivating, sorting, roasting, and brewing coffee. At BrazCof, we understand the allure of Peaberry coffee. That's why we work closely with farms like Fazenda Cachoeira da Grama in the Grass Valley (Vale da Grama) region, renowned for its commitment to quality and sustainable practices. Here, the focus is on nurturing each coffee bean, whether Peaberry or not, to reach its full potential, resulting in some of the best coffee the region has to offer.

So, next time you roast, brew, or sip a cup of Peaberry coffee, remember: you're not just partaking in a unique coffee experience. You're also celebrating the rarity, the craft, and the serendipity that is Peaberry coffee.


Espresso coffee cups on top of a wooden table

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