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The Highest-Quality Single-Origin Brazilian Coffee Beans. With a Story to Tell.

With BrazCof, you get superior green beans directly from our award-winning farm right into your roaster

Farming coffee since 1890

BrazCof has its roots in the award-winning farm Cachoeira da Grama, originally bought in 1890 by Gabriel's great-grandmother. Little did great-grandma know at the time, but this farm sits in one of the best regions in the world for growing coffee - the Grass Valley (Vale da Grama) region in São Paulo state, Brazil. Situated between 1,000m to 1,200m above sea level, this region provides the ideal climate and soil for coffee to thrive in.

Gabriel, BrazCof's founder, is an agronomic engineer and for over 30 years has been growing coffee at the family farm. In fact, Gabriel went on to win multiple international Cup of Excellence awards over the years, while partaking in a number of environmental and social initiatives in the Grass Valley (Vale da Grama) region.

Superiority in every step

BrazCof's coffee comes directly from our farm and its neighbours. With sustainable cultivation practices, state-of-the-art processing, and professional cupping, everything converges to create the exquisite flavour profile of our beans.

Fazenda Cachoeira da Grama's drying patios and coffee processing facilities
Rainforest Alliance Logo

Certified Sustainable

Our farm is Rainforest Alliance certified, reflecting our commitment to sustainable farming practices that care for our environment and improve livelihoods.

green coffee beans being separate by grade

State-of-the-Art Processing

We separate our beans using advanced equipment that ensures quality and consistency. It's another step in our meticulous process that sets BrazCof apart.

Hand filling cups of coffee ready to be cupped for tasting

Professional Cupping

BrazCof only imports coffees that have been professionally cupped & scored above 82. This ensures you get nothing short of outstanding in your roastery.

30Kg Innovation paper bags from Bourbon Specialty Coffees

Delivered Fresh

With BrazCof, we handle all logistics from the farm to your roastery, so you can skip the middleman. Also, our four-layered, 30Kg coffee bags allow your beans to last for up to 2 years.

We were roasters once

Gabriel Dias in front of coffee roaster

In 2009, Gabriel left the family tradition and immigrated with his family to Canada, while keeping one foot in each country. One year after moving, Gabriel founded a successful roastery in Oakville, Ontario, and started sourcing beans directly from his family farm.


To his surprise, other roasteries started asking for his single origin beans too, as they found it difficult to source high-quality Brazilian coffee. Gabriel got so many requests that he eventually decided to sell his roastery and exclusively import green coffee beans from his and other farms in the region.


He did this in order to help roasteries in Canada have seamless access to Brazil's best coffee beans, while bypassing the middleman and dealing directly with the farmer. Weaving a life between Brazil and Canada, Gabriel invites all Canadian roasters to try BrazCof.

Sustainably & Socially Nurtured

At BrazCof, our commitment to quality coffee is mirrored by our dedication to a sustainable future and a nurturing community.

The school at the coffee farm fazenda cachoeira da grama in Brazil

Schooling for Every Child

Recognizing the importance of education, we built a school within our farm premises for the children of ours and other farms, fostering growth in our community.

toucan on tree_edited.png

Giving Back to Nature

As stewards of the earth, we proudly dedicate 20% of our farming land to natural forestry, fostering biodiversity and ecological balance. 

Housing at the Brazilian coffee farm Fazenda Cachoeira da Grama

Free Housing Initiative

 We provide our employees with free housing, creating a safe and comfortable environment for them and their families, and ensuring they are well looked after.

"Having collaborated with Gabriel for more than a decade, I can confidently say that his expertise and enthusiasm for coffee is outstanding. Gabriel's unwavering commitment to quality and his genuine passion have made our partnership with him an absolute delight. His Brazil coffee is now the benchmark for what we expect and measure in a Brazil."

Dan (Eco Coffee)

What other roasters say


90 Admiral Blvd, Mississauga


Yellow coffee beans on the tree, ready for harvest
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